Seaborn Networks

Our Vision

Seaborn Networks is committed to changing the way submarine cable capacity is bought and sold by introducing the industry’s first carrier-neutral business model.

Our pioneering approach: combine innovative pricing solutions with the flexibility of an independent cable operator model on fast, high quality routes.

This new “pay as you grow” business model is an enabler for all purchasers of submarine cable capacity: content providers, carriers, governments, enterprises and ISPs.

The customer base, buying decisions, capacity needs and route priorities have evolved in the past decade. Large content providers are now looking to disintermediate carriers and buy large quantities of wholesale capacity directly. In addition, content providers often forecast their capacity needs to grow at rates in excess of overall market growth rates. Governments around the world are adopting national broadband plans and recognize that increased competition in the submarine cable sector plays a key role in reducing broadband costs and increasing broadband penetration.

Notwithstanding these significant industry changes, the way in which submarine cable capacity is bought and sold has remained static. Until now.

Our ability to create and execute on this new submarine cable business model comes from our unique combination of backgrounds:

  • Our workforce has designed, built and operated many of the largest and most complex submarine cable systems around the world; and
  • We have a successful track record of starting, leading and growing large telecom infrastructure companies based on new go-to-market strategies.