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ARBR Overview


ARBR is a newest and first submarine fiber optic cable system between Argentina and Brazil developed jointly by Seaborn Networks and The Werthein Group. ARBR is locally-owned and will be operated by an independent cable operator. ARBR is a 4-fiber pair, 48Tbps, direct POP-to-POP subsea cable system between Argentina and Brazil.

ARBR will connect into Seaborn’s Seabras-1 cable in the Praia Grande landing station for direct onward connectivity to New York, thereby providing a lower latency route between the commercial and financial centers of Argentina, Brazil and North America (Buenos Aires, São Paulo & NY Metro). The system is fully funded and has a scheduled ready-for-service date of 2H 2018.


ARBR + Seabras-1

Industry-leading SLAs for carrier-class

Exclusive Bandwidth on Demand Solutions

Benefits from contracting directly with Seabras Group as submarine cable owner-operator


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