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Cloud-Centric Capacity in a “Pay-As-You-Grow” Model

Solving the IRU vs. Lease conundrum for wholesale capacity purchases in the cloud computing era

SeaCloud is provided in two primary ways: a Fixed Fee Model and a Utilization Model. Both are new ways to purchase wholesale capacity.

SeaCloud – Fixed Fee Model

  • Consistent monthly pricing that builds in a steady increase in capacity quantity with unit cost reductions over the contract term
  • Enables customer to benefit today from expected future price reductions on a route
  • Grow into your future bandwidth needs
  • Avoid large upfront IRU fee
  • Avoid O&M
  • No risk of uncertain budgeting for future lease terms
  • Budget long-term bandwidth costs with greater certainty
  • A compelling, competitive price per Mbps
  • Can be purchased as an IRU or as a lease

SeaCloud Fixed Fee Model = Capacity Growth + Unit Cost Reduction + Consistent Price

SeaCloud – Utilization Model

  • Ideal solution for OTTs and others who want to start small but expect hyper-scale growth
  • Need only 20Gb today but expecting to need 100Gb in an uncertain timeframe? Or are you looking to start at 200Gb and ramp to 1Tb? Or do you need much less capacity for most of the year but you have capacity bursts in specific timeframes?
  • Lock in for your lower (known) commitment amount and then be charged only for actual utilization above that level
  • Avoid capacity constraints on your own growth
  • Can be structured as an IRU or lease

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